I am drawn to cairns. The earthiness, simplicity, and artistic nature of it draws me in.

Children and Balance –
Imagine this photo as a provocation provided to children. Balance is part of so much of their daily experiences and explorations. What do children know and wonder about balance?
Where in their worlds do they see and use this concept?

Balance is inherent to block play. Read about the Stages of Block Play.
Gross motor activities offer children important practice as they develop physical balance. Add a balance beam to your outdoor play.
Support children’s development of additional physical balance capabilities while providing time to center themselves emotionally with 58 Yoga Poses for Children.

Blogs, visuals, and articles to inspire and provoke…
Exploring Balance in Preschool
Balancing Rocks on Rocks
Watch rock balancing in action on YouTube

Add materials to provide multiple meaningful and fun experiences with balance:
A balance board and a balance scale
Toy seesaws,
A book about Balance,
A book about Yoga
My Favorite blocks
A balance game
What loose parts can you imagine offering children as they explore the concept of balance?

All Of Us –

The beauty of balance in nature is abundant in Andrew Goldsworthy’s sculptures.

We must encourage our own strong balance throughout life.


“Don’t confuse symmetry with balance.”

― Tom Robbins, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues