For me, there is much joy and satisfaction in seeking. I think and wonder daily. This messing about takes me to websites,┬áinsights, quotes, and possibilities that I can’t wait to talk about and share.

My life is more than one thing.

I love running across a thought-provoking podcast, a beautifully created image, a recipe that makes me salivate, a blog post that helps me to understand myself a bit better, or a travel log that makes me ready to pack my bag. The diversity of passions fuel my spirit and will fill these pages.

As an educator for many years, look for ways I’ve found to enhance the journey of teaching, reflecting, and growing.

I’m an avid traveler who will share some favorites and discover together resources to enhance wanderlust.

Recently, I became a new nana and my infatuation and past life as an educator comes together to seek new and old inspiration and support for this next journey of grandparenting.

Creating is important in my life. I’ll share my latest finds for art, crafts, and recipes.

Developing me rounds out my interests. A great quote, an engaging book, short but sweet exercise tips, with a bit of dabbling into meditation will marry mind and body.

My friends often ask what I have run across recently that has piqued my interest. I can’t wait to begin to find something that will excite or provoke the thinker and wonderer in you.

Peek all around the site to discover something new. Then be sure to share your own finds with us.